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The entire staff of Four Seasons Academy is dedicated to providing a nurturing, safe, and stimulating environment that allows children of all ages to reach their full potential through interactive learning. We believe children should be treated with sincere respect and kindness. All children are given opportunities to explore materials and participate in a variety of unique experiences. Activities are carefully planned and implemented in a child-centered setting. Numerous age-appropriate activities including art, music, multi-language development, science, math, nature, and dramatic play are offered to every child. Children will develop self-esteem, independence, and problem-solving skills within a secure and predictable environment under the loving leadership of trusted staff.

Curriculum: The curriculum of Four Seasons Academy identifies goals in all areas of development: 
Physical - Directing children in ways that will increase their large and small motor skills, while simultaneously strengthening their individual confidence about their own bodies' capabilities. 
Emotional - Directing children in ways that will result in each child experiencing pride and self-confidence, developing independence and self-control, and displaying a consistently positive attitude. 
Social - Directing children in ways that make them feel comfortable within our Four Seasons environment, allowing each child to trust his/her caretakers and surrounding, develop friendships, and feel welcome in a group setting. 
Cognitive - Directing children in ways that encourage each child to become confident learners, thus allowing them to test their individual ideas and experience individual successes; directing the children to acquire a variety of learning skills, such as the ability to solve problems, ask questions, think creatively, and use words to describe thoughts and feelings. 

Each classroom has theme-based and diverse curriculum, including developmentally appropriate activities in gross motor, small motor development, creative art projects, circle time stories and songs, phonics, and whole language development. Our center integrates Spanish and signs language into the daily routine. 

Lesson planning includes activities to meet each child's individual learning styles and developmental needs because we believe that each child is a unique individual, and is a special facet to the larger success of the classroom. Respect for the child's capabilities and interests is our primary focus, so the children are offered an array of experiences, textures, and materials. Children are never denied an opportunity to experience success whether his/her capability of achieving skills are below or above his/her age expectations. 

Each of our classrooms offers an opportunity for gross motor play, cognitive growth, fine motor manipulation, sensory experiences, music and dance, creative expression, as well as social and emotional development. All classrooms, learning materials, books, manipulatives and toys, and furniture are arranged in ways that provide clear guidance to every child. 

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The entire staff of Four Seasons Academy is committed to providing a unique caring environment, which embraces the physical, emotional, social, and cognitive strengths and needs of each individual child. ​